Smiley's expertise and dependable service takes the guess-work out of pool care.

Unlike most swimming pool service companies, Smiley Pool Service values knowledge. Our lead technician holds degrees in chemistry and physics which provide him with a deeper understanding of what’s really going on in your pool. Our tech team is expertly trained in pool service and maintenance.

With eight-years experience working with WNY’s largest pool company and several years of professional experience, our team has not only experience in care and chemistry, but also in the installation and repair of the equipment necessary to operate your pool effectively.

At Smiley Pool Service, we know any client interaction is a reflection of our business. We care about our clients and our team of experienced pool technicians and office staff helps keep your pool system running smoothly.

Whether you are a veteran pool owner or are in the planning stages of installing one, a consultation with Smiley Pool Service will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Smiley Pool Care

More Than 15 Years of Experience

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Why Choose Smiley Pool Service?